Workwear for women

    Because workwear isn't just for men. MASCOT has a wide range of workwear for women with a focus on fit, quality and comfort – because we know how important it is that clothes sit right for optimum comfort.

    Perfect fit and freedom of movement

    For women who work in the trade, industrial or construction industries, it can be hard to find workwear that fits well. The fit has enormous effect on the workwear's function - a jacket that is too loose restricts both freedom of movement and comfort. MASCOT's workwear for women is specially designed and tailored for women, providing optimum comfort and freedom of movement all day long.


    High quality workwear - for women too!

    Quality is of optimum importance to MASCOT. That's why all our workwear, including workwear for women, is made from good, solid fabrics, using e.g. COOLMAX®, TENCEL® and CORDURA®. With MASCOT's workwear for women you are guaranteed workwear that is both durable and wear-resistant. All our products are Tested to Work. This means that they are thoroughly tested through laboratory tests, user tests and quality control, and you will instantly notice that our workwear for women is no exception.

    Check out MASCOT's range of workwear for women, where you'll find everything from work trousers and winter jackets to softshell jackets, fleeces jumpers and much more.

    Woman - Pictogram

    Two different fits for women

    MASCOT has trousers, shorts and skirts for women in two different fits: DIAMOND and PEARL. The precise fit that you choose depends on your shape and the difference between your hip and waist measurement. A general rule of thumb is that the PEARL fit is for those who have very little difference between their waist and hip measurement. By contrast, the DIAMOND fit is for those with more than 20 cm difference between their waist and hip measurement.