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    General introduction

    When you visit our website, apply for a job with us or use our e-commerce platforms, we will collect and process various different types of personal data about you. MASCOT is therefore a data controller and has a number of obligations in this regard. We have developed the following privacy policy in order to regulate our processing of your personal data (to ensure compliance with applicable legislation), to ensure that we meet all of our obligations and to give you as a data subject the opportunity to exercise your rights.

    Regardless of platform (website, e-commerce or job application module), we endeavour to always respect each individual's right to privacy and to ensure that all personal data are processed in a lawful, transparent and objective manner. All of our processing is undertaken in line with this principle. The following policy is focused primarily on the website itself. Details specific to other platforms can be found on each respective platform.

    Personal data

    Personal data are items of information that can be attributed to you either on their own or in combination with other details. In general, we endeavour to reduce the amount of personal data that we process on you. Below is an overview of the different types of personal data that we may collect and process when you use our website:

    • Your IP address
    • Technical details about the device you use to access the website
    • Your geographic location
    • What web pages you have visited

    If you use the contact form on our website then we may also process the following items of data:

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Address
    • Employer
    • Information that you voluntarily provide to us

    Social media

    When you visit our accounts or pages on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn then we may process the following items of personal data on you:

    • The content that you share on our pages
    • Your IP address
    • Your user information
    • Information that you choose to provide to us

    Note that each social media platform has its own privacy policy which you can access by visiting the website of the platform concerned.

    Processing purpose

    The purpose of processing your personal data on our website is to provide you with information and to advertise MASCOT as a company and our products, to optimise the use of our website and to respond to your inquiries.

    Legal bases for our data processing

    The following section concerns the legal bases for our processing of your personal data.

    Regarding your IP address, technical information about your device, your geographic location and your interests: The legal basis for our processing of these types of data is your consent which you give directly when using the website. In relation to the General Data Protection Regulation, the legal basis is therefore Article 6(1)(a). For more details see the section on "Cookies" below.

    Regarding data that you submit via the contact form: The legal basis for these types of data is our legitimate interest in the processing of such data. Without these data we cannot respond to your inquiries, for example. Similarly, we will not be able to put you in contact with the right employee if we do not have information regarding the name of your employer. In relation to the General Data Protection Regulation, our legal basis in this case is therefore Article 6(1)(f).

    Automatic profiling and automated decision-making

    MASCOT does not use automatic profiling or automated decision-making.


    We adopt both technical and organisational measures in order to ensure that your personal data is processed securely and in compliance with all applicable legislation. For example, our servers are protected through both physical and digital access restrictions, we continuously provide our employees with further training in IT security, we perform checks to ensure compliance with the guidelines that we have developed for our employees regarding personal data processing and security and we check up on the agreements that we have concluded with our data processors, etc.

    Storage periods

    We delete your personal data once we no longer need them in accordance with applicable legislation. For details on the way in which we process data collected by cookies, see the section entitled "Cookies" below.

    Transfer of data

    Data collected about your use of the website are transfered to third parties to the extent that such data are known. You can see which third parties these are in the section entitled "Cookies". Furthermore, we may also transfer your data to third parties in connection with our storage and processing of personal data. These third parties (data processors) exclusively process the transfered data in accordance with our instructions and they may therefore not use them for their own purposes. Our data processors are obliged to comply with the legislation that is in force at any given time and to act in accordance with the data processor agreements that we have concluded with them. As mentioned in the section entitled "Security", we continuously carry out checks on our data processors. We may also transfer your personal data to data processors outside the EU. Examples include affiliated companies in Vietnam and Laos, where individual employees will have access to your personal data. We have therefore concluded specific agreements regarding the processing of the personal data that is transfered. Such agreements ensure that all data processing by third parties is subject to the same rules and requirements as data processing within the EU. We use the EU's standard clauses in this domain as a template for these agreements.


    As a data subject, you have a number of different rights. By sending an email to you can:

    • Request access to your personal data
    • Have any incorrect personal data rectified
    • Have personal data about you deleted in accordance with applicable legislation
    • Have your personal data transferred to you (data portability) for the purpose of transmitting this data to another data controller in accordance with applicable legislation
    • Object to our processing activities
    • Limit the processing of your personal data

    Please note, however, that in certain cases your request may be declined on the basis of current and applicable legislation. It is also possible that your request may be declined on the basis of disproportionate costs that would be incurred by us in meeting your request. If your request is declined you will always be informed as to the reason for this.


    If you would like to complain about our processing of your personal data you can send an email to Alternatively, you can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency [Datatilsynet]. Relevant contact information can be found at


    Employees at MASCOT receive separate information about the processing of their personal data.


    In connection with our processing of personal data we use cookies on our website.

    What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that cannot contain viruses. They are stored on the device that you use to access our website. They make it possible to recognise you and gather information about the pages you visit and the functions you use. Cookies cannot be used in isolation to identify who you are, what your name is or if your computer is used by several different people.

    What are cookies? We generally use cookies in order to gather information about your use of our website so that we can continuously optimise and tailor the website to your needs and interests. Some cookies are placed by third-party services on our website. If you click on the text where it says "Cookies" at the bottom of the page you will be able to see information about what cookies are used on this website. The information is divided by category and includes details on when the cookies expire, etc. The list is regularly updated by Cookie Information.

    How can you disable or delete cookies? You can always disable cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. The way in which this can be done will differ depending on the specific browser that you use. Please be aware that if you disable cookies, it will no longer be possible for you to use a number of functions and services as these require the website to be able to remember the choices you have made in the past in order to work properly.

    Below are some links which can help you to manage cookies on the most common web browsers:

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    If you have a smart phone with a web browser, you can also manage your cookie settings on this device as well.

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