Under Trousers

    When the cold sets in, and your work takes place outdoors, long under trousers from MASCOT are an absolute must-have. With MASCOT’s long under trousers, you can certainly keep warm throughout the day, both during work and in your spare time. The under trousers are available in a variety of styles, colours and fits. You can benefit from combining a pair of under trousers with an undershirt from MASCOT so you can have the optimal inner layer, from head to toe.

    Materials of high quality

    MASCOT's long under trousers work perfectly as the inner layer when you need to protect yourself additionally from the cold. At MASCOT, you will find long under trousers of moisture wicking and/or insulating materials, which also are quick drying. The under trousers are therefore very suitable for hard physical work in cold weather because you can work and sweat without ending up being wet and cold as the sweat is transported away from the body. If you have a job that requires extra protection, you will also find long under trousers with anti-static and flame-retardant properties, approved in accordance with the relevant standards.

    Comfort all day long

    The undershirts as well as the long under trousers are manufactured in lightweight and elastic materials that ensure a flattering fit with unique freedom of movement. The under trousers have a flexible fit that adapts naturally to the body. Therefore, they can easily be used by both men and women. Several of the long under trousers have no stitched labels and washing instructions so there are no annoying labels that will bother you during your work.