Work Bib & Braces

    If you are looking for a pair of functional and durable bib & braces, you will find a wide selection of work bib & braces at MASCOT. Work bib & braces from MASCOT are available in many styles, in different colours and with a lot of features and details. Bib & braces are comfortable and practical to work in and suitable for work in many industries.

    If you have a job where you are working a lot on your knees, work bib & braces from MASCOT are an obvious choice. With a pair of bib & braces, you are sure to have your lower back covered so you don’t get cold, and they are an excellent alternative to a pair of work trousers, if you want a high level of comfort and protection for the lower as well as the upper back. The MASCOT bib & braces are designed with an ergonomic fit, which gives you great freedom of movement and makes them comfortable to work in.

    Work bib & braces in many variants

    The MASCOT work bib & braces are available in different materials. In the selection, you will find windproof and waterproof bib & braces for outdoor work during the cold periods, fluorescent bib & braces for when your work requires additional visibility and lightweight bib & braces, which are suitable for indoor work or work in warm environments. The MASCOT work bib & braces have a multitude of practical pockets. Among other things, you can find bib & braces with bib pockets, pen pockets, kneepad pockets, thigh pockets and ruler pocket. This makes it easy to have all your tools close at hand.

    Maximum protection regardless of your profession

    If your work requires extra protection, you can also choose multi-protective bib & braces, which have anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant properties. Likewise, you can get work bib & braces of a fluorescent fabric, if you need additional visibility and safety at work. If you work outdoors during the warm summer months, you can benefit from selecting a pair of bib & braces with UV protection so the sun doesn’t damage your skin.