MASCOT uses a series of symbols in relation to the workwear in order to provide you with a quick overview of the workwear’s special properties. Here, you can get information about what the various symbols stand for.

    ULTIMATE STRETCH - Pictogram


    Products with this symbol are made of ULTIMATE STRETCH. The material is flexible in all directions giving you an extraordinary freedom of movement. Products of ULTIMATE STRETCH are soft and comfortable to wear and follow your every move providing extra comfort for your work day.

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    Stretch Zones

    Stretch Zones

    The trousers are very comfortable to wear because of the stretch zones that are placed where you need extra flexibility in an active workday. The stretch inserts, especially around the knees and the lower back, lead to increased freedom of movement, particularly when working on your knees.

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    Breathable - Pictogram


    Breathability in waterproof/water-repellent clothing is especially important if you sweat while working in cold environments. If you do not get rid of the moisture, there is a great risk that your wet clothes will get cold and you will freeze as a result.

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    Moisture wicking - Pictogram

    Moisture wicking

    Most fabrics can absorb sweat, but some materials can do more than that – particularly, transport sweat away from your body so you do not experience wet and cold to your innermost layer. A moisture-wicking innermost layer is crucial.

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    Quick drying - Pictogram

    Quick drying

    An important characteristic of moisture wicking clothing is that it also dries quickly. If moisture is allowed to remain on the fabric there is the danger that it could freeze and subsequently lead to hypothermia. With the combination of moisture-wicking technology and quick-drying material, you are assured of maximum comfort regardless of your activity level.

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    Windproof - Pictogram


    When your clothing is windproof you hold heat more easily. Choose products with this symbol when you don’t want the wind to disrupt your everyday comfort.

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    Waterproof - Pictogram


    This symbol is your assurance that MASCOT does not allow as much as a single drop of water penetrate.

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    Water-repellent - Pictogram


    Clothes carrying this symbol are made of waterproof material. However, it is not possible to put tape on the back of the seams of certain fabrics. Therefore the product cannot be classified as being entirely 100% waterproof, just water-repellent.

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    Insulating - Pictogram


    This symbol on clothing indicates that you have a product that helps to keep you warm when the surroundings are cool.

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    Stain resistant - Pictogram

    Stain resistant

    Your fluorescent clothing keeps you visible, but it must be kept clean to be seen, which is not always easy. MASCOT helps to keep your clothing dirt free with a stain-resistant treatment. When your clothes are stain resistant, you will be more visible and therefore safer for longer.

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    Ergonomic fit - Pictogram

    Ergonomic fit

    All of MASCOT's clothes are, of course, designed for movement. But if you have a particular need for clothing that supports, assists and just plain fits, in all body positions, then go for the ergonomic fit.

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    Kneepad pockets - Pictogram

    Kneepad pockets

    If you already use kneepads, then you know how important comfort is in your workday. MASCOT’s kneepad pocket design ensures that the kneepads sit perfectly every time you kneel.

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    Holster pockets - Pictogram

    Holster pockets

    An indispensable feature for anyone using nails, screws and bits. Select a version with magnets at the top so you do not have to dig down into your pocket every time you need to grab something.

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    Lightweight - Pictogram


    The symbol indicates that the workwear is light in weight. The garment remains highly durable. You should choose products carrying this symbol if you want durable workwear in a light fabric, for example if you work indoors and/or in hot environments.

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    Triple Seams - Pictogram

    Triple Seams

    Triple stitched seams are your guarantee for high wear resistance. MASCOT places them on your clothes most exposed areas, such as the shoulders and the outside and inside of the leg, prolonging the wearability of your clothing.

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    Reflective - Pictogram


    Small reflective strips on your clothing can be crucial to your safety. Regardless of where you work, traffic can be a factor. In this environment, reflectivity increases your chance of being seen.

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    Seamless - Pictogram


    This symbol can be found in clothing without side seams. Such clothing is normally worn as the innermost layer, i.e. garments closest to the body. Clothes without side seams are extra comfortable to wear - there are no seams or sewn-in labels that can annoy or scratch.


    MASCOT’s safety footwear has a number of symbols that make it simple for you to get an overview of the footwear’s properties and features. Take a closer look at the meanings of the various symbols here.

    Flexible - Pictogram


    Footwear with this symbol is extremely flexible where the shoes bend. This gives you more freedom to move around as you need to during the workday. Freedom for your feet.

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    Waterproof - Pictogram


    Look out for this symbol if you want footwear that is waterproof. Footwear bearing this symbol will keep your feet dry throughout the entire working day.

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    Scuff cap, suitable for working on the knees - Pictogram

    Scuff cap, suitable for working on the knees

    A scuff cap is an extra toe reinforcement on the outside of the upper leather. The toe reinforcement increases durability significantly, which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear. The footwear is suitable for kneeling work.

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    Ladder grip - Pictogram

    Ladder grip

    A sole edge under the sole prevents slippage on a ladder.

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    Ankle protection - Pictogram

    Ankle protection

    The wearer's ankle is protected against blows from the side by MASCOT's specially developed protection pad at the ankle bone on the inner and outer side of the footwear.

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    Oil/petrol resistant sole - Pictogram

    Oil/petrol resistant sole

    The sole is oil and petrol resistant.

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    Metal free - Pictogram

    Metal free

    Footwear with this symbol contains no metal. The midsole, toe cap and eyelets are entirely metal-free. As such, the footwear is very useful, for example, in airports.

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    Aluminium toe cap - Pictogram

    Carbon toe cap

    The toe cap is designed to protect your toes from external impact and pressure. The toe cap is tested and tolerates pressure and impact of 200 joule. Carbon is a very strong material, which makes the toe cap exceptionally strong and resistant to impact and pressure. Carbon is also very light, metal free and neither heat nor cold-conducting.

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    Composite toe cap - Pictogram

    Composite toe cap

    The purpose of the toe cap is to protect the toes against external blows and pressure. The cap has been tested and can resist blows and pressure of 200 joules (EN 12568). The composite toe cap does not contain metal. As composite is not thermally conductive it provides comfort in cold and warm environments.

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    TPU toe reinforcement - Pictogram

    TPU toe reinforcement

    The TPU reinforcement on the toe is an extra sewn on reinforcement on the outside of the upper leather. The reinforcement increases durability significantly, which prolongs the life­time of the footwear.

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    Stabilising and shock absorbing shank - Pictogram

    Stabilising and shock absorbing shank

    The specially developed multi-functional shank is made of a stiff nylon material. The shank stabilises the middle part of the foot and makes the footwear bend at the right position. This shank includes a small shock-absorbing cushioning pad. The position of the shank ensures that the heel is in constant contact with this cushioning area, which provides a good foothold.

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    Textile nail protection - Pictogram

    Textile nail protection

    Nail protection made of special fibres. The nail protection is certified under EN ISO 20345, and complies with the demands for S3-footwear. The advantage is that the footwear is more flexible and gives better protection in warm and cold conditions which provides a high degree of comfort for the wearer.

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    Steel mid-sole protection - Pictogram

    Steel mid-sole protection

    The sole of the footwear is equipped with a thin steel plate, which prevents nails and sharp objects from penetrating the shoe and foot. Steel mid-sole ­protection has been tested in accordance with norm: EN ISO 12568.

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    Metatarsal protection - Pictogram

    Metatarsal protection

    Footwear with metatarsal protection gives the user extra peace of mind as it protects against impact and pressure to the metatarsus. The inbuilt metatarsal protection is made from a specially-developed EVA material, has shock-absorbing properties and feels soft and comfy in the shoe. Moreover, it is designed so that you hardly even notice it is there when walking or working.

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    Shock-absorbing comfort sole - Pictogram

    Shock-absorbing comfort sole

    All of MASCOT’s comfort soles are shock-absorbing in the entire sole. This provides good walking comfort.

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    Stabilising and shock absorbing shank - Pictogram

    Non-marking sole – no scuff marks

    Look for this symbol if you want to be absolutely sure that your footwear does not leave marks on the floor. Footwear with this symbol is provided with a sole of PU/PU, which leaves no scuff marks.

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    Rubber sole

    EVA sole

    EVA soles are extremely flexible and give your footwear a low weight, exceptional walking comfort and increased shock absorption. EVA is a foam material which is often used in midsoles, however certain compositions are sturdy enough for the material to be used in outer soles as well. Footwear with these soles are recommended for light industry and logistics.

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    PU/TPU sole material, resistant to 120°C - Pictogram

    PU/TPU sole material, resistant to 120°C

    The comfort sole is made of PU and the sole is made of TPU. The soles are resistant to 120°C. TPU is a thermoplastic material with a very high wearability. All MASCOT PU/TPU soles are oil and petrol resistant.

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    PU/PU sole material, resistant to 140°C - Pictogram

    PU/PU sole material, resistant to 140°C

    Comfort soles as well as running soles are made of PU. The soles are resistant to 140°C. PU is a foam material, which is very shock-absorbing and slip-resistant. All MASCOT PU/PU soles are oil and petrol resistant.

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    PU/rubber sole material, resistant to 300°C contact heat - Pictogram

    PU/rubber sole material, resistant to 300°C contact heat

    The comfort sole is made of PU and the running sole is made of rubber. Rubber is very heat resistant and can resist temperatures up to 300°C contact heat. All MASCOT PU/rubber soles are oil and petrol resistant as well as resistant to certain chemicals.

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