MASCOT has sponsorships in a variety of areas. What all of their sponsorship deals have in common is that they cover areas in which MASCOT's customers and business partners are either involved or have a special interest.

MASCOT chooses its sponsorships based on, among other things, their ability to give exposure to the MASCOT brand and to support sports that can give our customers and business partners great experiences. Some sponsorships are also chosen because they will challenge, test and subject our clothing to a variety of environments and unique conditions.

Christian Lundgaard & Race car - MASCOT® WORKWEAR

The quest to be the best in the field is also shared by Danish motorsport talent Christian Lundgaard, and MASCOT is his main sponsor. The Formula 2 driver is aiming for a place in the motorsport's elite class, Formula 1.

Christian Lundgaard – Danish motorsports talent

Team Rosberg & Race car

With a focus on quality, comfort and safety, MASCOT has prepared Team Rosberg for optimal performance on the race track. As Team Rosberg's official workwear provider under DTM, MASCOT delivers workwear directly to the team, both on the track and in the workshop.

Team Rosberg

Zenvo Car - White

MASCOT works with Danish hypercar manufacturer, Zenvo Automotive. Zenvo Automotive wants to work closely together with market leaders in other fields, which is why technicians at this exclusive car manufacturer are dressed in workwear and safety footwear from MASCOT.

Zenvo Automotive

Monza Eni Circuit - Race car

MASCOT supplies workwear to employees at Autodromo Nazionale Monza, giving the face of the legendary motor racing circuit a distinct Danish feel, as their employees are the first point of contact when customers and the public visit.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Team Coronel - Workwear

MASCOT's business partners help test the workwear and safety footwear under extreme conditions. For over a decade, MASCOT has been sponsoring the Dutch Team Coronel, a regular participant in the Dakar race. This off-road rally is held on challenging terrain, where stamina and endurance are key.

Dakar Rally

MASCOT is engaged in football - MASCOT® WORKWEAR

MASCOT supports football all over Europe. We do this via both primary and part sponsorship, where MASCOT gets exposure at the stadiums, on football shirts and LED banners, and through our professional cooperation with the clubs and their partner networks.


Environment - Patagonia

Through the years, MASCOT has sent workwear to work all over the world in order to thoroughly test the clothing – even in extreme conditions and situations.


MASCOT sponsors workwear and safety footwear for many different projects, organisations, industries and companies. Since MASCOT's foundation in 1982, the company has played an important role in the local community – including when it comes to building a brand with a broad focus. So you will see sponsored workwear from MASCOT both in major tournaments and races and in local sports associations in and around Europe.