PU boots without safety

    At MASCOT, you will find PU boots which are extra durable rubber boots. They are available with and without safety features. The footwear is waterproof, ensuring that your feet remain dry even after several hours of use. The boots are equipped with an anti-slip, shock-absorbing and petrol and oil-resistant sole. This ensures you a solid footing and excellent comfort, even when the surface is slippery. Perfect for keeping your feet in good shape over the course of a long and busy working day. MASCOT PU boots are flexible, tested for safety on both uneven and slippery surfaces (SRC) and can withstand washing at up to 40°C.

    The durable rubber boot

    Rubber boots from MASCOT are made from PU. PU is an exceptionally durable material that stays looking neat and presentable for a long time. It is also flexible so you can easily move your feet. PU is also resistant against oil, grease, slurry and petrol. This means you get practical footwear that lasts for a long time.

    Suitable for laundry contracts

    PU boots can be washed at up to 40° C. This is the temperature at which a bacteria-killing effect is activated in the soap used by industrial laundries. So you get an excellent level of hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria, no matter whether you wear the boots in the stables, around the dairy or on a fishing boat. Some of MASCOT's boots are suitable for laundry contracts where an HF chip can be imprinted via transfer. Several models are equipped with a back piece on the heel, so that you can easily take them off without getting your hands dirty. The footwear thereby guarantees high levels of hygiene for those working within food production and health, keeping your feet dry even when the surface beneath them is wet. The height is easily adjusted by folding down the upper so that it meets your individual needs.

    Footwear for fisheries, food production and plant nurseries

    PU boots from MASCOT are suitable for professions where hygiene and safety are top priorities. They are suitable for industrial fishing, farming and gardening, as these are all activities requiring anti-slip and waterproof footwear that is easy to clean from dirt and bacteria.