Craftmen's Trousers

    As a craftsman, you need very durable and functional trousers that can stand up to any challenge imaginable at the construction site. Here at MASCOT, you will find a wide range of craftsmen's trousers with kneepad pockets and holster pockets, and you are sure to find the right colour and fit for you and your company profile.

    Select the functions that are most important to you

    MASCOT's craftsmen's trousers offer a wide range of functions, so you can select precisely which ones you need. Your choice of workwear trousers will depend on your profession and your individual needs, among other things. If you need easily accessible pockets for tools and screws, then select craftsmen's trousers with holster pockets. If you prefer holster pockets that can quickly and easily be detached when needed, for example when getting in and out of the car, then here at MASCOT you will find craftsmen's trousers with easily detachable holster pockets. If your work requires you to spend periods of time kneeling down, then choose trousers with kneepad pockets in order to give your knees the best possible protection. In addition to kneepad pockets and holster pockets, MASCOT's craftsmen's trousers also offer a wealth of other functional pockets and details which function together to make your work day as effective as can be.

    Innovative fabrics

    Freedom of movement, high comfort and thoroughly tested wear resistance are all standard here at MASCOT, no matter which pair of craftsmen's trousers you prefer. Wear resistance is crucial if you want to avoid holes at the knees or in the pockets. MASCOT uses CORDURA® and Kevlar® textiles to strengthen and reinforce the areas that are most exposed to wear. If you want craftsmen's trousers that are made from a fabric quality that is both exceptionally durable and very comfortable, then search for twill or canvas trousers. If freedom of movement is what matters most to you, choose trousers made from stretch material or trousers with stretch panels, which are also extremely durable. If you work outside in all kinds of weather conditions, MASCOT also offers trousers made from water-repellent materials.