XL EXTRALIGHT® is an innovative sole material, which is particularly lightweight, flexible and shock-absorbing for optimum comfort in every step. MASCOT offers both safety footwear and safety sandals with XL EXTRALIGHT® soles.


    With XL EXTRALIGHT®, your feet are guaranteed to enjoy optimum comfort throughout the entire working day. This innovative sole material sets itself apart with its low weight and excellent shock-absorbing qualities. It protects the back and legs from strain and impact during the working day. XL EXTRALIGHT® is three times lighter than any other material with the same physical and mechanical properties. It also provides a better surface grip than standard EVA soles, keeping your feet steady on the ground and reducing your risk of slipping.

    XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus

    MASCOT's XL EXTRALIGHT® soles are developed using XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus. Thanks to this technology, it has been possible to design a product that meets the highest of safety standards without compromising the material's exceptionally low weight. In addition, the sole is oil resistant, anti-static and exceptionally shock-absorbing. With its unique combination of special properties, safety components and wear resistance, XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus is particularly well suited to industry and construction.

    Benefits of XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus:

    • Waterproof
    • Non-marking
    • Oil and petrol resistant
    • High wear resistance
    • Chemical and bacteria resistant
    • Free from phthalates, heavy metals and latex
    • Slip resistant
    • Very comfortable
    • Easy to clean