S1P Footwear

    Safety Class S1P

    All safety footwear from MASCOT is developed to offer you optimal comfort, support and safety throughout your entire work day. Within the S1 range you will find safety shoes, sandals and boots that have all been tested and approved in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011. All shoes, sandals and boots in this safety class have midsoles and toe caps, offering you protection against sharp objects from the ground and against impact, pressure and objects dropped on the toes. Footwear in this safety class is available with or without scuff caps, which are a form of extra strong toe reinforcement that improve the footwear’s durability when working in kneeling positions. In addition to the functions mentioned above, all of our footwear in safety class S1P has oil and petrol resistant outer soles, and they are also slip resistant, anti-static and breathable.

    Complete safety with professional safety shoes

    Here at MASCOT we offer a wide range of safety shoes, sandals and boots belonging to safety class S1P. We offer shoes with different closure systems, widths and colours, and we offer both ladies’ and men's styles. The one thing they all have in common is that they offer excellent walking comfort and high levels of safety. Shoes in safety class S1P are not waterproof and are best suited for use indoors or for outdoor work in situations where the weather does not require protection against precipitation. Footwear in this safety class are well-suited for craftsmen or anyone working within light construction, light industry or logistics. If you are looking for waterproof safety footwear, look for footwear in safety class S3.