Offshore and wind sector

    If you work in the offshore or wind sector, it is essential that you are properly dressed for your job. MASCOT offers a wide assortment of safety clothing and safety footwear, specifically designed for your industry. Our clothing is designed for fitting, maintaining or manufacturing wind turbines. We also offer wind and waterproof workwear for days when you have to work outdoors in changeable weather.

    Maximum visibility

    High visibility and safety are essential in the offshore and wind sector. We therefore offer a wide choice of hi-vis clothing, approved according to EN ISO 20471. When you are dressed safely, you can focus on your job, whether working as a fitter on an oil rig or transporting wind turbines.

    EN 61482-2

    Our assortment for the offshore and wind sector also includes workwear certified according to IEC 61482-2. Workwear with this certification protects you from the risk of thermal exposure from electric light arcs. It is particularly important for those who fit or maintain wind turbines to be dressed in fire-retardant workwear that is approved for working with light arcs. Layered clothing and extra protective gear (gloves, helmet, etc.) will help further increase your protection.

    Safety footwear

    MASCOT also offers safety footwear for the offshore and wind sector. Our assortment includes sturdy and robust safety footwear in leather, designed for harsh environments. Choose from long boots, ankle boots or safety shoes, all depending on what you need.