Need protection against the sun's UV rays

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    Wed, 30 Jun 2021

    Do you work outside in the sun? When the clouds bring showers, you put on waterproof clothing. When it turns cold, you put on a warm jacket. But do you remember to protect yourself when the sun comes out? Our skin is sensitive to the sun's UV rays, which is why you should be careful in sunny weather.

    Is your workwear wardrobe ready for the summer sun? Protect yourself against the sun's rays and reduce the risk of skin disease.

    How to best protect yourself from the sun

    The best protection against the sun is of course shade. But it is not always possible to stay in the shade when you work outside. That is why it is important to take precautions and protect yourself as best as possible.

    Your clothing can really help protect your skin against the sun's rays. How much protection your clothing provides depends on factors such as the fabric's thickness and density, and the fibres it is made from. For example, a thick jacket provides better protection than a thin, airy T-shirt. But when it is 20+ degrees outside and you are doing hard, physical labour, a thick jacket is far from ideal. Instead, wear a T-shirt, sweatshirt or polo shirt with UV protection. For your head, it is recommended that you wear a cap or other type of hat that provides shade.

    It is further recommended that you wear sunscreen on the parts of your body that are not covered up by clothing.

    How sun protective clothing works

     UV-protective clothing can either be made from special fabric fibres that screen out the sun, or from a dense weave that blocks out the sun's rays. Clothing can also be given a chemical finish or colouring that increases the level of sun protection.

    When you choose workwear such as T-shirts, polo shirts and thin sweatshirts, which potentially do not provide as much protection as a thick jacket, then look for products with an EN 13758-2 certification. By dressing in clothing certified with EN 13578-2, you reduce the risk of skin damage caused by the sun's rays. You can check if a product from MASCOT is UV-certified on the wash label.

    MASCOT's assortment includes a wide choice of UV protective products. Some of these products are certified with EN 13578-2. Find UV protective workwear from your MASCOT distributor.