Get ready for the DTM season

In a series of exclusive interviews, the nine-time winner of Le Mans and former driver for Audi Sport in DTM, Tom Kristensen, shares his knowledge about the DTM race tracks, Audi Sport RS5 race cars and the important preparations before a race.

Audi Sport RS5 DTM race car - MASCOT WOKRWEAR - Tom Kristensen - Mechanics - MASCOT headquarters

DTM warm-up: 2019 circuits

According to tradition, the DTM season starts at Hockenheim ring. The DTM races take place in five different countries, but primarily in Germany. In this video you will hear on which track most kilometres are covered and which circuits are the drivers’ favourite.

DTM warm-up: 2019 cars

For every season, the cars are new, but this year there is a new set of rules for the engines as well. Hear Tom Kristensen tell about the RS5 cars that races in the DTM series, and how they differ from the A5 street car.

DTM warm-up: Behind the wheel of a RS5 DTM car

Tom Kristensen is behind the wheel of a RS5 DTM race car and tells us how a few milliseconds can be conclusive for winning or losing.

DTM Warm-up: Optimising the inside of a RS5 DTM car

Join us inside an Audi RS5 DTM car and see what the drivers can adjust and optimise inside the car.

DTM Warm-up: The preparations before a DTM race

About the preparations for the Audi Sport designers, technicians, mechanics and drivers before a race.

DTM Warm-up: The requirements to the drivers in DTM

Hear about the requirements for a DTM driver – mentally and physically.