MASCOT® WORKWEAR wins the VSK Award 2018

MASCOT® ADVANCED wins in the category: Installer Tools
Tuesday, 6 February 2018
The MASCOT® ADVANCED range was Tuesday evening announced as the winner of the VSK Award 2018 in the category “Installer Tools”; the category for tools, materials and other solutions that make work easier and better for professional installers. The combination of optimum functionality, comfort and a modern look were decisive.

»In the category “Installer Tools” the workwear from MASCOT won. According to the chairman of the jury, Dennis van der Geest, the importance of good working clothes is an underestimated phenomenon. The MASCOT® ADVANCED range includes water-repellent, durable and above all comfortable and stylish workwear. “These products will make you a happy installer,“ states the jury and continues “Especially in a market where it isn’t just about productivity, but also about health and job satisfaction”. The workwear is produced in a new material with four-way stretch, which makes the workwear more comfortable than the average workwear«.

MASCOT® ADVANCED wins in the category: Installer Tools

The jury states: »It is the workwear of the future; extremely strong, but also comfortable to wear due to the stretch, and with a professional look. According to the jury, the range is an innovative development for installers that fit perfectly into the demands of the workplace. It will not just increase the productivity but also the job satisfaction. After all, the industry is about bringing something good to the professionals«.

Fabric quality 311

The fabric’s properties are important for both freedom of movement, comfort and durability. For this reason MASCOT has spent several months developing and refining the fabric that is the mainstay in MASCOT® ADVANCED. MASCOT’s new fabric quality 311 is elastic in all directions and combines a low weight with an extreme durability.