Main sponsor

for Denmark’s premier motorsports league
DTC - Race car - 2017 Press
Friday, 10 February 2017

MASCOT extends it collaboration with the Danish motorsports league FDM-DTC and are now the primary sponsor for the races. In the future, the premier motorsports league will be named MASCOT DTC.

DTC 2017 - Press 

»We hope the sponsorship will give the audience a great experience with a lot of motorsports,« states MASCOT’s Managing Director Michael Grosbøl. The sponsorship of DTC is very interesting for MASCOT, as the impassioned audience is quite similar to MASCOT’s customers, and as such, motorsports are a good way to expand their knowledge of MASCOT.

Global company with a local engagement

Three of the seven MASCOT DTC races take place at Jyllandsringen in Silkeborg, Denmark, which is very close to where MASCOT has been located for the company’s first 35 years. Michael Grosbøl elaborates: »Even though we are a global company with activities all over the world, it feels good to support something that primarily takes place locally.«

DTC Race - 2017 Press

MASCOT’s sponsorships

Besides being the main sponsor for MASCOT DTC in Denmark, MASCOT is also very involved in other sports activities. MASCOT is the main sponsor for the Danish football clubs Silkeborg IF and AB, and has a number of minor sponsor activities within cycling and kayaking. In Germany, MASCOT has sponsorship agreements with three Bundesliga clubs and in the Netherlands, with the race drivers Tim and Tom Coronel, who participate in the Dakar Rally.