MASCOT is testing workwear

in one of the world’s most desolate areas
Patagonia 2017 - Press
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

In one of the world’s most remote and isolated places, you will find MASCOT. MASCOT supports Centre Terre’s expedition, Ultima Patagonia, a French/Chilean expedition in Patagonia in Southern Chile. The purpose of the expedition is to explore a beautiful and preserved environment that is unparalleled elsewhere in the world. MASCOT has provided workwear for the team so they can withstand the extreme conditions they encounter during two months of research.

Far out there, where there is no modern civilisation, MASCOT is testing workwear. MASCOT joins the Ultima Patagonia expedition to Patagonia in Southern Chile, specifically the island of Madre de Dios. The purpose of the expedition is to explore the unique nature as well as countless caves that are unequalled elsewhere in the world.

It is the second time MASCOT has provided clothing for the expedition that has had Patagonia as a target for more than 20 years – with expeditions approximately every third year. A team of very experienced researchers go on the journey and each covers a specific area such as speleology (cave exploration), geology and biology. In the 36 person team, you will also find trained photographers and filmmakers, who are there to document the expedition and potential findings.

2017 Press - Patagonia

When you find yourself in a place like Patagonia, with more than 10 litres of rain pr. m2 of annual rainfall, and where the wind can blow up to 120-150 km per hour, it is crucial to be dressed properly. Should you become wet and cold it can take hours to get warm and dry again. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll get sick, and when you are this far from civilisation, in a very humid environment like Patagonia, a simple cold becomes very difficult to get over.

All the materials that are used by the researchers are transported to the island, and when the two-months’ long expedition is over, they take all the materials away with them again. They make sure to thoroughly clean up after themselves so as not to damage the natural environment, which has been protected since 2008. The expedition is just as much about preserving and protecting the nature as it is about learning from it, so future generations can also enjoy it.

Patagonia 2017 - MASCOT® WORKWEAR - Press

It is not without reason that MASCOT chooses to support Centre Terre’s expedition, Ultima Patagonia. MASCOT’s passion for workwear and the will to make the absolute best, is what makes MASCOT seek out extreme situations in which the clothing can be pushed to the limit. Both MASCOT’s clothing and the team of researchers are challenged in Patagonia. It is also a fantastic opportunity for MASCOT to contribute to science and the preservation of this beautiful landscape.