Famous gold miners

Miner & Car - Gold Rush - 2015
Thursday, 26 February 2015
In the popular series Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel, you can see the Hoffman-team dressed in MASCOT workwear.  The series follows teams of American gold miners living their dream: the dream of digging for gold. Gold Rush can be seen on television all over the world.

Gold Rush is the most viewed TV series on the Discovery Channel. In the USA alone, six million people are in front of their TVs every Friday evening following the gold diggers’ ups and downs. The series is broadcast in 125 countries including England, Germany and Denmark.

The gold miners are MASCOT fans

»Hoffman’s team have visited our showroom many times, and they love the workwear«, says MASCOT distributor Ray Freeman from Repcon NW in the USA. He has followed the Hoffman-team’s ups and downs since the TV series started five years ago. »They inspired me to not give up no matter how tough things get,« he explains. As a MASCOT distributor, it was his big dream to dress his heroes in MASCOT workwear from head to toe.

Gold Rush - 3 Craftmen - 2015

When a dream comes true

»I made it a mission to try to get them on board. We finally did that last summer,« Ray Freeman explains. Thanks to Ray and his hard work, the dream came true for season five of Gold Rush. He made sure that everyone on the Hoffman team was dressed in MASCOT clothing. The team is crazy about the workwear, as senior team member Jack Hoffman explains: »I am a big fan of MASCOT. I love that the workwear has a lot of pockets and of course its high quality.« His wife has no doubt: »He has even thrown out his old workwear. He just loves MASCOT!« In the next and sixth season, you will see even more of MASCOT’s workwear on Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.

The crisis brought Hoffman’s team together

Todd Hoffman is the man behind the success of the series Gold Rush. He just had not had as much success in his life. In 2010, the economic crisis hit Todd Hoffman’s aerospace business hard, and suddenly he was without both a job and a home. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and start digging for gold. He had nothing to lose, and the price for gold was on the rise. Despite the fact that his father Jack Hoffman’s own gold-adventure in the 80s had ended in failure, Todd sourced a mining claim and some machinery and gathered a team of unemployed friends. Then he convinced a TV-crew to follow the team’s successes and failures. It was the beginning of the Hoffman-team and the series Gold Rush.

A failed mining adventure

Todd Hoffmann led his team to success. In three seasons, he steadily increased earnings and developed a solid knowledge of the gold industry. He became a good businessman and welcomed new team members. However, in the fourth season, the Hoffman team gambled everything on a mining adventure in Guyana, South America. Unfortunately, they arrived there only to discover that someone had already dug all the gold, illegally. With one fiasco after another, the Hoffman team returned home empty handed. The unsuccessful mission hit Todd hard. He took full responsibility, and what was worse - he felt that he had let his family down. In the fifth season of Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman tried to rise from the failure in the jungle and proved he is not the type that gives up without a fight.

Miner - Gold Rush 2015