Tested to Work

Tested to work - test - 2012
Tuesday, 7 February 2012

At MASCOT, we are very interested in living up to our slogan TESTED TO WORK.

We, amongst other things, test a large number of our clothes in the laboratory and within the work place before the clothes are put into production. Clothes are tested in realistic work situations, especially where durability and functionality is a concern.

But what if you put them into even more extreme (and perhaps unrealistic) situations – could they handle it?

During a large show in Germany, in the autumn, we tried just this. Denmark's renowned team of Parkour and Freerunner performers, Team JiYo did what they could to verify that MASCOT products do live up to the slogan TESTED TO WORK. With jumps, dance and stunts, a hall of 400 guests from across Europe witnessed that MASCOT workwear can withstand extreme treatments.

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