Saving your knees

with workwear
Man - 2011 - Workwear
Friday, 16 September 2011

Fashion conscious craftsmen can wear workwear from the range MASCOT® YOUNG with focus on a smart design, a good fit and practical details – a new trouser with durable CORDURA® fabric knee pad pockets is now available.

The new MASCOT® Calvos trousers are typically for the young and smart craftsman, who may already be familiar with the MASCOT® YOUNG range, but who now have a knee pad trouser without holster pockets. The MASCOT® Calvos trousers have spacious and durable knee pad pockets made from the thoroughly tested and very durable CORDURA® fabric, which is seven times more durable than cotton – there are, of course, also many other practical pockets for tools, rulers and mobile phones similar to the other models in the MASCOT®YOUNG range. The trousers are available in dark navy, black, dark anthracite, dark olive and can easily be matched with the range’s T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets allowing the craftsman to create his very own style and choose from several colour combinations.

Press 2011 - Man - MASCOT® YOUNG

MASCOT® YOUNG finds inspiration in leisurewear, so it is smart at the workplace as well as in your leisure time.

When wearing the MASCOT® Calvos trousers, it would be an advantage to use MASCOT’s new knee pads Likasi, which can stay in the trousers when being washed. The MASCOT® Likasi ECP (Ergonomic Circulation protection) knee pad can also withstand the rigours of industrial washing. The knee pads are extra soft and comfortable and they have been tested by a group of craftsmen, who have given positive feedback on the product – several hours of work on the knees can be handled with no inconvenience.

MASCOT® YOUNG Calvos Trousers and MASCOT® Likasi knee pads have just arrived at MASCOT’s distributors.