A dream series

of workwear for industry
Monday, 28 June 2010

And this applies not only to wearers of the workwear, but also for the Industrial Laundries, that every day handles thousands of garments

During the development of this brand new Industry range of Workwear, Industrial Laundries were asked what the workwear should be, if it was to be a dream series for them. And they've got it all, according to the Product Development Department at MASCOT. All the practical details such as easily replaceable studs, hanging straps and great colour fastness that holds for countless washing cycles are integrated into the new MASCOT® INDUSTRY range. The range comprises a total of 21 brand new models and is divided into three series: a canvas series, a twill series and a series of winter products.

Workwear - MASCOT® INDUSTRY - 2010

Now with canvas for Industry

The big news is that a range which is designed for Industry, is for the first time produced in a canvas weave. Canvas is a weaving form that has little rough and modern look and which is really comfortable to wear. It is soft and woven in such a way that air flow is slightly greater than other weaves. It makes it well suited to wear in warm surroundings. It is loaded with functional details, and the range is so broad that there is a choice of seven different trousers in cotton or polyester/ cotton. Also for first time from MASCOT® Industry wearers get a more modern fit with lower waist and shaped waistband.

Common identity among end users

MASCOT® INDUSTRY also makes it possible to create a common identity in large workplaces. This was one of the main themes that emerged when major industrial workforces were questioned during the development process. Here there are many different types of wearers with many different needs and until now it has been nearly impossible to provide workwear that fits together across a wide range of different job functions. This has been taken into account in MASCOT® INDUSTRY which now gives for example, warehouse workers, drivers and production staff the possibility to choose workwear from the same range yet with many different functions. There are four dark colours to choose from (dark navy, black, royal blue and dark anthracite), and users who would rather have a more traditional fit can, for example, just select from the twill series. Colours are matched across the range so there is every opportunity to mix and match so the perfect combination for the individual user is achieved.

Find MASCOT® INDUSTRY at your local workwear distributor from 1 September 2010.