MASCOT entered

the Big Brother House
Big Brother
Thursday, 11 June 2009

Housemates of the 10th edition of Big Brother entered the Big Brother House last week.

MASCOT Workwear made an entrance shortly after when all housemates were given MASCOT® Lamego Jackets, MASCOT® Ovar Trousers and MASCOT® El Misti shoes to wear.

Endemol, the show’s producers, contacted MASCOT after they identified us as a supplier of quality well designed Workwear. Big Brother gets 4 million viewers and 1 million hits on their website daily. MASCOT will get prime first place position in the Supplier Credits for one month on their website. The website will carry a link to our MASCOT website for the duration of the programme.

We are sure you will agree this is fantastic exposure for the MASCOT brand. So spread the word and let all your staff and customers know MASCOT Workwear gained national TV exposure!