Another prize

Monday, 8 September 2008

In recent years MASCOT has gained more internationally acknowledged prizes. Recently we were awarded yet another. Namely, the Danish Export Association Initiative Diploma. The award ceremony took place at Sabroesvej on the 5th September.

Out of the ordinary production initiative

In his speech, member of the Danish Export Association Poul Laursen laid weight on the fact that MASCOT has become Internationally recognised for development in recent years. He spoke about how MASCOT had been chosen because they had demonstrated an out of the ordinary production initiative and because we have placed emphasis on methods which increase production capacity. The choice was also made in view of the increased capacity of MASCOT with the 15,000 m2 factory in Vietnam.

Measurable parameters

Poul Laursen also stressed that the success of MASCOT is achieved with a combination of having clear objectives and at the same time a will to succeed together as a team. The award is one which all at MASCOT should be proud of. To symbolise the initiative Award Michael Grosbøl received Thors Hammer – Mjølner. Mjølner symbolises measurable goals – and Poul ended stating he hoped that this would continue for MASCOT as a large global organisation.

We must deliver a big effort in the future

Then it was Michael’s turn to take to the rostrum. Michael stressed that it is important to understand that 2007 was an especially good year but the reason for that growth has come from the hard work put in during the previous years. The future also requires that we put in a lot of effort, especially in these slightly ‘uncertain times’, concluded Michael.